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Who We Are Visionary. Solutions-Driven. Focused. With imagination, insight and boldness, A Creative Mind is a solutions-driven creative studio that works with your business to … [More...]


Going Green – The New Black!

Bold Steps. A Creative Mind made a decision to change the way we do business. We went green! And we want to help you do the same. We understand that changing the way you do things … [More...]


Your image is important…

In today's business environment, image is everything.  Combining your company name, logo, typeface, tag line, graphic materials and website imparts a unified impression to your … [More...]


Working With Us

Bold Steps. Sometimes, change is exactly the thing that needs to be done. And changing the way we do business was the decision A Creative Mind made. We went green! We want to help … [More...]


Got Questions?

Sometimes just reading what a creative design company can do for you is just not enough. You have other questions, ones that you need answers to. Though the answers to the … [More...]

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Small Biz & Social Media

How Much Do Small Businesses Spend On Social Media? This survey was completed by Vertical Response - We just wrapped up a survey asking almost 500 of our small business customers … [More...]

Green Links

Here are some of our favorite ones: Organizations Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by Dream Host Green Hosting Putting a price on carbon output is just one way to … [More...]

Go Green!

Go Green! Change. In the fast-paced world of creative design, change can be crazy, fun, daunting, and sometimes painful. But while other design firms are focused on selling just … [More...]